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Freedom. Focus. Purpose.

Our Clients 

Our team members’ experience in the industry spans over three decades. We share our combined wisdom to provide our clients with the sound advice they need to make prudent decisions. If needed, we can provide our clients with products that will help them achieve their financial goals. Our priority is giving our clients an enhanced experience and deep relationships that we feel are hard to find anywhere else

Business Owners

Business Owners

We help business owners understand and maximize the value of their business - especially when their business is also their retirement plan - so they can chart their course to their preferred destination.

Retirement Plan Fiduciaries 

Retirement Plan Fiduciaries 

We provide direction to plan sponsors and C-suite professionals on how to fulfill their Fiduciary duties prudently and with proper diligence.  We help participants understand the value of their retirement plan benefits so they can chart their course to a comfortable retirement.

Plan Sponsors
Personal Wealth Management

Personal Wealth Management

We guide individuals and multiple generations of families through the successful navigation of both the accumulation and distribution phases of their financial lives, so they can concentrate on the people and things that matter most to them.  

Families & Individuals

Experience + Knowledge = Wisdom
Wisdom + Service = The Financial Guide Experience

Client Centered

As a team, we are motivated by the shared goal of truly making a difference in the lives of our clients, their employees and their families.  Our founder, Tim Dougherty, has spent his entire 30+ year career developing and fine-tuning an approach to financial planning that is client-centric, holistic and focused on the long term.  

We work hard to help you simplify and organize your financial life, so you can focus your energy on the priorities that really matter - your family, your business and your future.  We take a holistic approach, utilize a comprehensive and repeatable process (so you know what to expect from us), and rely on secure technology - to help make your financial life easier for you.   We look forward to speaking with you soon!